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Product code and colour

PE-T (hall)


8 mm, 10 mm





Polüeteenist fassaadi(sokli) tihendid

For sealing and noise insulation of joints between lightweight partition walls (plasterboard) and various other building structures. Among other things, for insulation between facade cladding and wood or metal framing, including at plinths and sandwich panel installations, as well as for lighter glazing work. Elastic, adhesive on one side, waterproof, polyethylene fabric with closed pores, good adhesion and easy to install.

Material from: elastic, impermeable polyethylene foam, coated on the underside with a synthetic rubber adhesive with excellent tack (hot-melt), on the upper side with a protective, non-adhesive silicone film, waterproof, solvent-free, resistant to weak chemicals;

Colour: hall

Density: ~30 kg/m3; water absorption < 1%, good resistance to high humidity;

Whokmine temp.tolerance: –50°C +90°C; (liimiteibiga –30°C +80°C, soovituslik paigaldustemp.+5°C +25°C)

Product sheets:

TDS PE-T.pdf | TDS PE-T_L.pdf