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Product code and colour

FIX-FORM (helehall, tumehall)


3/12 mm, 4/15 mm, 6/25 mm, 8/34 mm





Polyurethane foam self-adhesive expanding gaskets

For sealing and insulating joints in various building structures, including window and door openings, facade openings and gaps (joints between concrete elements), special profile roof coverings and structures, and other uneven and uneven building surfaces for noise, vibration, air, heat and moisture insulation. It is also used for sealing cable penetrations and, in the construction of timber-framed buildings, in corner structures and between joists, and in window and door openings in place of sealing foam. Expands in thickness up to 5 times, permanently elastic, air-dense, polyurethane sealant, adhesive on one side.

Material from: open pore polyurethane foam, impregnated with modified acrylic dispersion, flame retardant fillers added, plasticizer free, coated on the bottom with fibreglass reinforced adhesive tape, expands by diffusion, UV resistant, allows sealed joints to breathe;

Colour: hall;

Density: 50/80/120 kg/m3;

Average temperature tolerance: -40°C to +100°C, short term +130°C, recommended installation temperature +5°C to +30°C;