FIXUS TRADE OÜ is a company based on Estonian capital and established in 2009. The owners and employees of the company have a long-term expertise in the field. The company’s main activity is the processing of sealing and insulation materials, including the production and wholesale of seals and sealing tapes manufactured of different elastic rolled sheet materials. All of our source materials originate from more or less known leading factories from Western Europe, which assures a high quality of our products and quick, operative deliveries for our customers, since we are the only company in Estonia operating in this field.


In addition to numerous satisfied Estonian customers, our production’s export to neighbouring countries plays a substantial role. Our wide product range includes double-sided tapes and multifunctional profile and special seals as well as other goods from manufacturers acknowledged world widely.


Become a customer and you will not regret this decision, because we offer the best price-quality-service ratio! Do not hesitate to ask, if you will not immediately find a suitable and right product from our product range. We will help you find it!

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