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The main sealing materials we produce/sell today are:

Material from: resilient EPDM closed cell foam rubber, laminated on the bottom with a two-sided glass fibre acrylic strip protected by a removable polyester film, waterproof, resistant to weak chemicals;

Colour: black or white;

Density: 130-170 kg/m3; hardness 40~50 shore; water absorption < 2%;

Centralmine temp.tolerance: -40°C +60°C (self-adhesive depends on the properties of the tape, foam rubber without tape -30ºC + 90ºC), recommended installation temperature +5°C +25°C;

Possible material thicknesses: 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 8; 10; 12; 15mm, width according to the customer's order, most common. standard sizes.

Material from: elastic, impermeable polyethylene foam, also available self-adhesive (laminated with double-sided acrylic tape), waterproof;

Colour: hall;

Density: 28-30 kg/m3, water absorption < 1%;

Average temperature tolerance: -50°C +90°C, short-term +95ºC

Possible material thicknesses: 3; 4; 5; 6; 8; 10; 12; 15mm, width according to the customer's order, most commonly used. i.e. standard sizes: 8×90; 8×100; 8×115; 8×140; 8×150; 10x130mm etc.

Material from: elastic, impermeable polyethylene foam, coated on the underside with a synthetic rubber adhesive with excellent tack (hot-melt), on the upper side with a protective, non-adhesive silicone film, waterproof, solvent-free, resistant to weak chemicals;

Colour: black (anthracite grey) or white;

Density: ~30 kg/m3; water absorption < 1%, good resistance to high humidity;

Whokmine temp.tolerance: -30°C +80°C; recommended installation temperature +5°C +40°C;

Possible material thicknesses: 2; 3; 4; 6; 8 mm, width according to customer's order, most common, so-called standard sizes: 2×30; 2×50; 3×10; 3×25; 3×30; 3×50; 3×70; 3×95; 4×20; 6x20mm etc.

Material from: elastic, impermeable PVC foam, coated on the underside with an acrylic adhesive with good adhesion, on the upper side with a protective, removable silicone paper or polyester film, air, dust or water tight depending on density and compression, resistant to weak chemicals, UV radiation and humidity;

Colour: black or grey depending on the thickness and type of material;

Density: 90-260 kg/m3; hardness- soft, medium or hard;

Average temperature tolerance: -30°C+70°C, recommended installation temp.+10°C + 40°C;

Possible material thicknesses: 1,5; 3; 4,5; 6; 9 and 12mm, width according to customer's need, most common, so-called standard sizes: 1,5×20; 3×10; 3×25; 3×40; 4,5×10; 6×12; 6×15; 12×15; 12x30mm etc.

Material from: open pore polyurethane foam, impregnated with modified acrylic dispersion, flame retardant fillers added, plasticizer free, coated on the bottom with fibreglass reinforced adhesive tape, expands by diffusion, UV resistant, allows sealed joints to breathe;

Colour: hall;

Density: 50/80/120 kg/m3;

Average temperature tolerance: -40°C to +100°C, short term +130°C, recommended installation temperature +5°C to +30°C;

Possible material thicknesses: 3/15; 4/20; 6/30; 8/40mm, i.e. the material expands ~5 times after the roll is opened and the sealant is applied, most common sealant tape sizes: 3/15×15; 4/20×20; 6/30x20mm etc.

In addition to standard sizes, most of the materials mentioned above can be used to manufacture sealing liner according to the dimensions (width) requested by the customer. Since the range of applications is very wide, depending on the different physical and mechanical properties of the materials, different materials can be used for the same purpose, depending on the specific need, suitability or possibilities of the customer.

The average values of the properties and durability characteristics given for the characterisation of materials have been achieved and measured by specific methods and under average environmental conditions and are therefore informative. The suitability of gaskets and sealing tapes for a particular use is a matter for the consumer to decide, as the use and performance of the products are influenced by a number of factors independent of the manufacturer of the source material and Fixus Trade OÜ, including installation and use conditions, length of service life and environmental conditions which are known and verifiable only by the user.

Descriptions of the main uses of the products are certainly helpful in deciding on the most suitable product for the needs, but this does not preclude their use for other purposes and in other locations to suit the user.


FIXUS TRADE OÜ is a company founded in 2009, based on Estonian capital, whose owners and employees have a very long professional experience. The company's core business is the processing of sealing and insulation materials, including the production and wholesale of gaskets and sealing tapes from various elastic roll sheet materials. The raw materials for our products are all sourced from the leading factories in their field in Western Europe, which also guarantees the high quality of our products. We are the only company in Estonia with such an operational profile and our customers are already used to the company's operational activity, very fast deliveries and the high quality of all the products we offer.

In addition to a satisfied Estonian clientele, our own products also play a fairly significant role in exports to neighbouring countries.

In addition to a wide range of products, we also offer double-sided tapes and, as support products, multi-purpose profiled and special gaskets and other goods from recognised manufacturers throughout Europe.

Join our clients! You won't regret it, because our price-quality-service ratio is great!

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Because we manufacture our products as "tailor-made", i.e. all sealing materials in stock can be ordered by the customer in the required size!


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