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Product code and colour

FIX-DS/A black


1.5 mm, 3 mm, 4.5 mm, 6.5 mm





PVC foam double-sided foam tapes with acrylic glue

Pvc foam double sided foam tapes with acrylic adhesive, foam tape, foam rubber tapes. Double-sided foam tape. Double sided foam tape building profiles.

For sealing non-solid building constructions (not resistant to mechanical wear), among other things, due to its softness and elasticity, very suitable for sealing longitudinal overlaps of various roof steel profiles for water-tight sealing, as well as for sealing between facade tile materials and the frame under certain conditions, including when sandwich panels are installed, and with the best properties as a noise insulation sealant for lightweight partition walls (i.e. as a frame sealant).

Material from: elastic, impermeable PVC foam, coated on the underside with an acrylic adhesive with good adhesion, on the upper side with a protective, removable silicone paper or polyester film, air, dust or water tight depending on density and compression, resistant to weak chemicals, UV radiation and humidity;

Colour: black or grey depending on the thickness and type of material;

Density: 90-260 kg/m3; hardness- soft, medium or hard;

Average temperature tolerance: -30°C+70°C, recommended installation temp.+10°C + 40°C;